Re: referencing a cell in a different workbook

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 06:21:53PM +1000, Russell Weatherburn wrote:
Good evening,

I would like to reference a cell from a sheet which is in a different 
This is supported in 1.0.x.  However, there are 2 gotchas.

1) Order matters when reloading. 
   If workbook A has a link to a cell in B, then B has to be loaded
   before loading A.

2) The xls import/export support is shaky for external references.
   It's much better in 1.1.x.
In excel, you can use the form "='[foo.xls]sheet1'!$A$1" to do this 
(single quotes in case there are spaces in the sheet or book name).  I 
cannot find any reference to being able to do this with gnumeric, after 
googling and looking at

You can do it in gnumeric but the quoting is slightly different.
The filename and the sheet name are quoted seperatly if they need

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