Re: Autosave, LaTeX save as

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 12:45:22PM -0800, Jeffrey Edlund wrote:
I tried to get this problem reduced to something that I could put into
Bugtrack, but it seems like a strange interaction between the borders
around the cells and whether the text is vertically centered or not.  I
don't think that I'd be able to figure out more without looking at the
code and I'm sure that one of you would be better at finding it.

I load the attached file into gnumeric and then:
File->Save as->Latex 2e->ok->(yes to overwrite file if necessary)->crashed

I appologize if this should have gone straight to bugzilla, I couldn't
figure out how to attach a file to the bugzilla report. 

Thanks for reporting this.  It is now fixed in the 1.0.x cvs tree
and the patch with be in the next release.  On a positive note
Morten had fixed the typo in HEAD several months ago.  On a negative
note he forgot to back port the fix :-)

As an aside.  There was no need to boil this down further.  The
report was ideal.  Any time you can get Gnumeric to repeatably do
something wrong report it.  The key to our fixing the problem is
being able to replicate it.

Best Wishes

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