Re: Autosave, LaTeX save as

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 06:51:24PM -0800, Jeffrey Edlund wrote:

After a few crashes it gets really easy to forget to
turn it back on.
EEK!  A few crashes ??

The LaTeX export crashes if the sheet has certain formats in the table.  I
don't remember the exact formats, if this isn't a known problem then I'll
play with it until I get something reproducable.
Please report this to bugzilla with details gnumeric should not
crash.  Period.  We worked very hard on the stable tree to avoid

It seems to me that gnumeric really needs to have an
automatic backup feature that doesn't just save on top of the output file,
but instead something like outfile.gnumeric.bak.
The development version supports this I doubt we'll back port the

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