Re: Autosave, LaTeX save as

I tried to get this problem reduced to something that I could put into
Bugtrack, but it seems like a strange interaction between the borders
around the cells and whether the text is vertically centered or not.  I
don't think that I'd be able to figure out more without looking at the
code and I'm sure that one of you would be better at finding it.

I'm running Debian Woody on i386 with gnumeric 1.0.8.  I've also used
red-carpet to get the latest version of evolution, if that effects

I load the attached file into gnumeric and then:
File->Save as->Latex 2e->ok->(yes to overwrite file if necessary)->crashed

If I delete a few of the columns, or change the borders, then the bug
might happen on the 2nd or 3rd time I export the file to latex, but I
wanted to send you a file that crashes on the first time.

I appologize if this should have gone straight to bugzilla, I couldn't
figure out how to attach a file to the bugzilla report. 



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