Re: gnumeric as a bonobo component : help/info needed

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 04:16:47PM +0200, Tommi Hassinen wrote:

Should Gnumeric-1.1 work as a bonobo component? Or is there something
special that one should do to enable it in compilation etc?

Yes.  It is available as a NautilusView thanks to JonKare.

Gnumeric-1.1 installs the file GNOME_Gnumeric.server but no longer
installs the GNOME_Gnumeric.oaf file as the v1.0 used to; why is that so?
.server files are for bonobo-activation (gnome2)
.oaf files are for oaf (gnome1.4)

but oaf-run-query returns nothing Gnumeric-related.
oaf is the gnome-1.4 of bonobo-activation.  It relates to
gnumeric-1.0.x which was not embeddable.  It could only embed

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