Gnumeric 1.0.9

Gnumeric 1.0.9 'A little bit oh luvin' is now available.

    This is a low priority bug fix release, new development is being
    done in version 1.1.x based on gnome2.

    There are a collection of small fixes for the excel, lotus, and
    applix importers.  The net result is that we can now load our
    entire test suite of 500 odd workbooks smoothly This will be the
    last release on the 1.0.x branch for a while.  

* Patches

            * Recompute spans after reading from applix.
            * Fix the guia2 prop bag import warnings
            * Fix 0 sized TXO import inside escher streams
            * Fix import of IMDATA inside escher streams
            * Improve lotus importer
            * wrap text does no supercede center across selection

            * Match cummulative time

            * Fix typo that broke workbook-view attribute import.

    J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
            * Fix doc build.
            * Register for more mime types

* Availability

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