Re: has no valid dlname? (SUCCESS!)

Morten wrote after I posted my ./configure output:

Well, there is your problem.  Your libtool installation is bad.
Gnumeric's plugins require dynamic linking, i.e., dynamic libraries.

So, when I finally got back to working on it, I decided to reinstall
libtool. I broke out the code, and configure'd it. Interestingly, it said
that libtool could make shared libraries. Went ahead and make/make
install'ed libtool. Reran my hefty configure for Gnumeric, and still,
libtool can't make shared libraries. I decided to back off some of my
options and be simple. I only did --prefix=/usr, and poof, libtool CAN
make shared libraries. Okay, so I went through the 4 options I had to
configure, prefix, disable-nls, enable-shared, and then host=i386. The
first 3 were fine, it was the host that turned libtool sharing libraries
off. So, I left it out, and poof, Gnumeric built successfully, and it ran.
It was awesome to see a spreadsheet that could do 2+2=4 on my Linux

I'm no configure man, and I didn't research the host part, but I did try
to research the libtool shared library thing and I got totally baffled. Is
it possible the host=i386 is a bug in configure turning off libtool
sharing libraries, or as i386, is libtool not supposed to share libraries?
Gnumeric chose i586-pc-linux-gnu for my host when I didn't specify it. I
guess I was trying for least common denominator. :)

Anyway, thanks for all your help, and maybe I'll start moving towards
Gnome 2.0 libraries, and Gnumeric 1.1.x.

Gnumeric rocks!

John McGinn

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