Re: excel files import

Jody Goldberg wrote:

On Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 07:51:41AM +0300, Popeanga Marian wrote:

I am working on an open source project at This project is written in C++/Qt. I want to be able to write the contents of a table as EXCEL files. I have noticed that you already have did that with gnumeric. Is there any abstract class witch do that ?
         Can you tell me how can i achive this ?

I doubt the level of abstraction is high enough to be useful.  We
map directly from gnumeric data structures -> XLS.  There are
certainly routines that could overlap but you may be better off with
the POI project, or the perl module given that they have focused on
an api to write XLS, whereas we have focused on supporting as many
features as possible.

I only have to map from a single table to XLS. Is there any C++ class with i can use to write the contents from the table into the XLS ? I have understud from other discutions that you are using the best aproach, very close to abstract. Actualy i want to write into the XLS file a matrix of char * .
Can i get any help ?

Popeanga Marian
DBA Oracle
CNLO Romania

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