Re: excel files import

On Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 04:56:26PM +0300, Popeanga Marian wrote:
            I only have to map from a single table to XLS.  Is there 
any C++ class with i can use to write the contents from the table into 
the XLS ?
The xls exporter maps state from many related modules/classes.  You
would need to create several instances, its not impossible, or even
that hard, but it is definitely not a single class.

    contains sheets.
    contains cells and cols and rows
    cells contain values
I have understud from other discutions that you are using the best 
aproach, very close to abstract. 
We do have a fair number of nice abstractions, but as with all
programs we abstract the interfaces we forsee having multiple
implementations.  There is a nice Model View Controller split in
place for workbooks and sheets.  This allows us to have multiple
views and different controls (eg gtk vs printer and eventually

          Actualy i want to write into the XLS file a matrix of char *  .
Can i get any help ?
It is possible, but it depends alot on where you'd like to poke at

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