Re: has no valid dlname?

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 07:50:25AM -0400, John McGinn wrote:
Jody Goldberg writes:
should not be necessary

hmm, and no combos of dirs in GNOME_PATH will fix it ?

Never tried setting that as an environment. Is that something that Gnome
sets up when you get into it? I'm not going to be running Gnome, I just
want the ability to run Gnumeric under a regular X Window Manager. That is
possible, isn't it?
That is an environment variable used by gnomeConf to find things
during the configure process.  It has no run time effect at all.
You can easily run gnumeric under any desktop environment you'd
You're starting to enter the rhelm of libtool magic.  If removing
the --enable-static does not fix it there is something very odd with
your system.

Well, I tried without the --enable-static, and it still didn't work. What
sort of "odd" things should I look for?
I have no idea.  You're several sigmas out there...  Lets take a
different approach here.  Rather than trying to fix this directly
just edit the .la file to make the plugin name  Lets see
if that sort of low tech approach will work.

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