Re: Gnumeric 1.0.3

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 10:51:32AM +1000, Phillip Shelton wrote:
    compatible.  When it was revealed that Excel was not
    compatible with itself, they were able to simplify the
    code, and limit the calculations to being       correct.

What does this mean for the abuse testing that I was hoping to add to the
workbooks.  I can still set up a sheet that has all the wrong inputs, but I
have nothing to set it against.

Run the comparison against the most recent version of XL that you
can get access to.  However, if the XL answer is wrong we will
flag the mismatch as known, and ignore it.

Your testing sheets are useful now in catching current limitations
and incompatibilities.   However, they will be much more useful in
the future as the development tree opens and we start changing
things.  You're building a regression suite.

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