RE: Gnumeric 1.0.3

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Gnumeric 1.0.3 is now available.

      This release syncs up with Guppi 0.40.3.  The graphing
      interface has been improved a bit.  Several other
    extensions have come in under the wire before the
    Gnome2 port takes over the development tree.  Many
    thanks the Andreas, Neil, and the testers for their
    valiant attempt to make the COUP functions MS Excel(tm)
    compatible.  When it was revealed that Excel was not
    compatible with itself, they were able to simplify the
    code, and limit the calculations to being correct.

What does this mean for the abuse testing that I was hoping to add to the
workbooks.  I can still set up a sheet that has all the wrong inputs, but I
have nothing to set it against.


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