Re: Euro symbol in "format cell" window but not in datasheet

Nicolas Peninguy va escriure:

      >  - But there are lots of problem in the "Format Cells" windows,
and I
      >    guess it comes from Gnumeric :
      >    First use the icon to set the format cell, then go to format
      >    window : it is in "Accounting" mode, with symbol $ (but it
      >    euro). Select euro, or even £, and no symbol is displayed
      >    anymore. Reselect $ and it is $ which is displayed.
      >    Same problems in Currency mode.

This was not happend in 0.77 but just updated to 1.0.2-cvs yesterday and
get the same problem :-(

Should we file a bug report to bugzilla?

For now, you can workaround this going to "custom" and playing a little.



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