Re: Euro symbol in "format cell" window but not in datasheet

Pere Pujal Carabantes <ppujal airtel net> a écrit :

I was having the same problem and solved it by arranging my X fonts:
Check if in print preview is the euro symbol. If yes you can discard
safely any gnumeric or locale problems.

Ok, I found the problems :

 - I had old file in /etc/gnome/fonts which indicated some fonts in
   /usr/local that doesn't exist anymore... It resolved error messages
   of Gnumeric.

 - Debian changed "currency" -> "EuroSign" for symbols files of
   keyboard, so my custom fr-latin9 was broken...

Now :

 - I can insert euro symbol (as text) and I see it.

 - If I enter a number and select the money icon it works.

 - But there are lots of problem in the "Format Cells" windows, and I
   guess it comes from Gnumeric :

   First use the icon to set the format cell, then go to format cells
   window : it is in "Accounting" mode, with symbol $ (but it displays
   euro). Select euro, or even £, and no symbol is displayed
   anymore. Reselect $ and it is $ which is displayed.

   Same problems in Currency mode.

Thank you for your help !

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