FW: Excel/gnumeric function compat test sheet.

Apologies to the moderator for the size of the previous e-mail.

I am slowly putting together a workbook that tests each function that
Excel has.  So far, with some feedback from Jody, I have 66 tests for the
first three functions alphabetically from Excel 97.

Jody, I can go and test every input with every combination.  Do you mind
that this will mean that there will be hundreds of tests most of which
return error codes for functions with lots of arguments?  Also, I am running
Excel 97 SR-2 and when I go to save the sheet that you sent me I get told
that it is in an older format. Do you want me to save it in the new format
or leave it in the old?

Please feel free to e-mail any of your favourite functions and more
specifically, excel sheets that have a test case that you want tested or
you know currently don't work.

I hope to be able to add a function per week or so.


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