Re: FW: Excel/gnumeric function compat test sheet.

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 10:49:51AM +1000, Phillip Shelton wrote:
I am slowly putting together a workbook that tests each function that
Excel has.  So far, with some feedback from Jody, I have 66 tests for the
first three functions alphabetically from Excel 97.

Jody, I can go and test every input with every combination.  Do you mind
that this will mean that there will be hundreds of tests most of which
return error codes for functions with lots of arguments?  Also, I am running
Not in the slightest.  As long as things are well organized, having
good coverage is definitely the target.  I rather expect you'll find
lots of bugs along the way.  Lets get this file into cvs.

NOTE : This is exactly the sort of project that is easy to work on
in parallel.  If you would like to contribute to Gnumeric but don't
want to start coding tommorow this is an _excellent_ project.

Once the test workbook is in place it would be very helpful to have
people sign up to do the tests for functions.  Phillip, I can set up
a page on the website with status info when you start recieving

Excel 97 SR-2 and when I go to save the sheet that you sent me I get told
that it is in an older format. Do you want me to save it in the new format
or leave it in the old ?
For 1.0 gnumeric only enables the xl95 exporter, but we can easiliy
import newer versions so it does not matter much.  Save it in
whatever format is current for your version of XL.

Thanks for you work,

    Please email the file to me directly, and I'll get it into cvs.

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