plugins python vs python-loader


I've managed to get a python plugin script in py-func, using the python
-loader to use omniORBpy (python corba orb) and speak to a corba
server from gnumeric. (each time you recalc the sheet each cell
calls the server). 

I havent tried yet with the 'python' plugin.

However it's unclear to me which is the most actively developed
python plugin 'python' or 'python-loader'. 
I'd like to know how to manipulate ranges and set
cell values from python and it's not clear how to do this from
python in either plugin.

I managed to pass a range to python and then pass the range
to call the 'sum' function of the spreadsheet from python and this
worked ok.
However I would like to pass a range to python and have
the script set all the cells in that range with values which
I compute. 

I need to able to do this so I can have a plugin which is a corba server
and as calls are made to that server, the data in the call is
populated/computed into the cells.

Thanks for any help.


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