Cell format of long text?

New gnumeric user, first post.  Apologies if this is the wrong forum.
Gnumeric used: Mandrake Cooker gnumeric-1.0.0-1mdk

Question about cell formatting and long text lines.

If I have a cell containing some text string which is longer than the
cell is wide, then the text is displayed across cells.

However, if I reference that first cell in another cell, the text is
truncated at the edge of the second cell.

This behavior is different from Excel's.  Is there some cell formatting
property I need to apply to make the second cell look like the first?

For example, in cell A1, enter 'This is some text here
The text displays across cells A1-B1.
Now in cell A5, enter =A1
The text displays only up to "This is som".  There is no overlay to cell B5.

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