questions about "Format cells" dialog

Hi all:
I am trying to update documentation of Format cells dialog and I have a
number of questions. Can someone help me? If you do, I'll put it in the
docs and you will not have to answer these questions again :)

 1. "Protection" tab: if I understand correclty, this is about password
protected documents. Does Gnumeric allows creation of such docs (doesn't
seem so)? importing Excel's password protected spreadsheets? 

 2. Fonts: can someone tell me which fonts are available to Gnumeric?
Obviously not all X11 fonts. All type 1 fonts known to gnome-print? Only
35 standard PS fonts? What about TrueType fonts? And am I correct that
when importing Excel docs, gnumeric will try to replace fonts such as
Arial by the closest analogs available to it?

 3. In Background->Patterns->color: what is the meaning of  "automatic"?
I'd expect that it tries to use a color contrasting with the background
(black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds). However, it
does not work this way for me: "automatic" is always  black, even on
black background. Should I file it as a bug?

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