Gnumeric's sudden death


I have been using Gnumeric (0.64) for a while and I like it a lot.
2 days ago, from one day to another, it does not start anymore but tells me
it crashes because of a segmentation fault. The only change that I made to
my system is a new monitor. I can hardly believe that is the cause of the
problem though... Reinstalling the program (RPM) after removing it first did
not lead to any improvement.

I am running Mandrake 8.0 on 1.2Ghz Thunderbird, 256Megs of Ram and XFCE as
window manager. All Gnome libraries are installed, I can run any other Gnome
based application without a problem. Can anyone make heads or tails of this?

Paul Kater

The impossible is often the untried.
-Jim Goodwin - Registered Linux User 174403
Linux Mandrake 8.0 - Sylpheed 0.6.5 claws

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