Hi guys:
one more thing we need to agree when writing docs and GUI (menus,
dialogs...) is common terminology. Right now some terms are not used
quite consistently (e.g., sheet/worksheet/spreadsheet or column
headers/labels). So here are some suggestions from  Jody and Kevin (I
just put them together). Please send your comments; if everyone agrees,
Kevin will add this to his styleguide. 


 Workbook: Gnumeric document; corresponds to one file. 

 Sheet: one of the sheets making a workbook; corresponds to a tab at the
bottom of Gnumeric window. Note: please do not use "worksheet"

(NB: we could do it the other way around, use "worksheet", not
"sheet". But we should use one of them, not both.)

 Spreadsheet: when talking about the general concept, e.g. "Gnumeric is
a spreadsheet program". Not to be used as a synonym for "workbook" or
"sheet" when talking about Gnumeric documents. 

Row/column headers: letters (A, B, ..) and numbers (1,2,...) labeling
columns and rows in Gnumeric. These are added by Gnumeric, not user.
They are not part of the document. 

Row/column labels: labels added by user to identify columns and rows
(or  other ranges of data). For example, a spreadsheet with course
grades could have 

   Name   ID number  Grade

as column labels (and A, B, C... as column headers)

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