Re: no gnumeric-devel-1.0.0 ?

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 14:29:54 -0000, Morten Welinder wrote:
I'd go further: the whole idea of distributors randomly chopping up
packages in pieces is wrong.

Indeed. Careful chopping up is a different matter though in my book.

All -devels that were not made by the creators of the program/library in
question should lead to a kick in the butt of the person who made that

That's a much too sweeping statement IMHO.

(who has spent too much time cleaning up after such people.)

I've spent plenty of time cleaning up after creators of programs and
libraries who weren't aware of or unwilling to deal with issues showing up
on specific platforms.

Let's face it, good package maintenance involves two-way communication
between package maintainers and upstream developers.

(happily chopping up gnumeric for Debian)
Linux is many, many years away from being an enterprise-ready operating
system that can compete with, and challenge, the Windows platform. There is
also no vision or driving force around it.
        Doug Miller, Microsoft Windows Server Group, january 2001

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