gnumeric as a file translation server

I monitor a mailing list supporting blind users of Linux.  This user
needs to read and write Excel files.  How hard would it be to set up a
command line interface to gnumeric (or its libraries) to translate
files from Excel to CVS and back?  

        - Jim Van Zandt

From: Cheryl Homiak <chomiak chartermi net>
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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 23:30:10 -0600 (CST)

Sorry for the post to two lists; I meant to send to blinux originally and
accidently sent to blinux-newbie.

I am being hired for a job which I do in my home; basically being
payed through Personal Care Medical Assistance for doing some of my
daughter's care. My problem is the timesheets.'The timesheets are
just simple normal timesheets where you put in the dates ad
time/hours; they have all these long lists of tasks you hae to check
that you did, and you have to check them on the one time sheet for
each day. Each time sheet is used for a week.

Since my job isn't in an office, I can't go into the office to fill
them out. I was asked if I had a friend who could come "every day" to
help me fill them out, to which I of course said I did not. At first
they were going to just let me mark for each day on a computerized
text list of tasks which I would then email in and would be
transferred to a pre-signed timesheet, but the idea of pre-signing a
time sheet caused major waves from the top. Their time sheets are in
xcel; they are telling me there is a linux program that can take the
xcel timesheets and that I "save it as xcel" but I am suspicious that
this my require using Xwindows. They also asked me about the
possibility of doing an "electronic signature" about which I know
nothing. It's very frustrating; if I could just write up a time-sheet
with all the tasks listed and checked and all the other info they
need included on the seet, I probably could do it fairly easily; then
I'd either have to find a way to print it and mail it or find a way
to get around the signature problem. As it is, they seem to want this
on their time sheet, and I have major concerns about whether their
timesheet is going to translate into something meaningul for me,
something where I can actually have confidence that I am checking the
right boxes. If you mess up a time sheet, it not only delays your
pay, but you have to go into the office and sit there and re-do the
sheet, if I understand correctly. With my daughter's needs, having to
do this would be a major problem.  Is there a text-based linux
program I can use that will take xcel forms, make them intelligible
to me, and still spit them back out in the correct form for my

Can anybody tell me anything about "electronic signatures"?  Any
other suggestions would be appreciated; even unreasonable ideas will
probably be given consideration at this point!!!  Thanks.


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