Re: Gnumeric 1.1.14

On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Jody Goldberg wrote:

On Sat, Dec 28, 2002 at 12:13:12PM -0500, Allin Cottrell wrote:
On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Jody Goldberg wrote:

Gnumeric 1.1.14 aka 'Team Gnumeric rules!' is now available.

Thanks for the new release.

I'm finding that the plugins are not behaving correctly.  On starting
gnumeric I see a slew of errors on stderr, like

error: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !
                <name xml:lang="pt">Fun??es Python</name>

This sounds like

I have not been able to replicate it.  My current suspicion is a
problem with intltools 0.24 ?

I now think it's a problem with the intltools bundled with gnumeric
1.1.14 (or perhaps their interaction with other stuff on my system).

I just tried rebuilding the plugins for 1.1.14 after deleting the
intltool-update, intltool-extract and intltool-merge that had been
created in the top-level gnumeric source directory, and substituting
the intltool-* (version 0.23) scripts that were already installed on
my system.  Now the plugins work fine.

Allin Cottrell.

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