Gnumeric 1.1.14

Gnumeric 1.1.14 aka 'Team Gnumeric rules!' is now available.

        This release is a team effort on lots of different core infrastructure.
        Jon K?re leapt into fray and moved all of the export plugins over to
        libgsf, which left us with nice clean interfaces, and lots of
        flexibility about where we save (embedded documents or network files)
        He also tacked on a nice delayed splash screen that comes up if loading
        files takes more than 3 seconds, most people will, hopefully, never see
        it :-) In addition to his usual leak plugging, and algorithmic cleanup
        Morten split out the expression conventions (XL vs OO vs Applix) and
        used it for import and export.  Which puts us in a good position to
        make the jump to a new file format.  I did some more work on XL 97/2k/XP
        export and added full support for AutoFilters, and SUBTOTAL,
        then finished off some bells and whistles for outlining.

        This release should be treated with some caution.  There is enough new
        stuff in here especially on the parser side that you'll want to keep
        backups of your data until it gets more testing.

    NOTE: Ignore 1.1.13 because releasing it at 3am was a _bad_ idea.

    NOTE: Ignore the pivot tables, they're not ready for testing just yet.

        * Fix some stf bugs

Evert Verhellen:
        * New icons for +/- precision
        * Make bonobo/non-bonobo a whole lot more consistent.

Fernando Herrera:
        * Improve desktop file to support bug-buddy.

        * Make the behaviour of save and save-as more comfortable.
        * Fix parsing 3d references
        * More work on exporting names to xls
        * Support the global outline buttons
        * Optional outline markers at the beginning rather than end
        * Make the label object more useful
        * Fix XL import for h/v only freeze with non origin start
        * More attributes for excel95 objects
        * Support pruning 3d references on sheet deletion.
        * Clean up some workbook view life cycle issues
        * Implement Auto-filters
        * Begin support for pivot tables
        * Full support for SUBTOTAL magic
        * Fix sneaky bug between sheetobjects and frozen panes
        * Fix removal of placeholder names
        * XLS export for validation and Input Messages
        * Improve handling of validation in format dialog
        * XL97 export for named expressions
        * XLS export for autofilters
        * Fix print dialog's entry of repeated cols/rows

Jon K?re:
        * Separate GUI for showing progress and messages before first 
          spreadsheet window is displayed.
        * Fix 98661.
        * Port the remaining plugins to gsf output.
        * Use desktop font for row and column titles, fixing 98666.
        * Fix bugs in the bonobo control version of Gnumeric.
        * Install the bonobo control in libexec.
        * No longer pretend to support the Bonoobo/PersistFile interface.
        * Fix key navigation and scrollbar scrolling in auto-filter combos.
        * Clean up editable-label some more.
        * Improve image loading. With libwmf-0.2.8 and gtk+-2.1.2 or
          later, Gnumeric can now display Windows Metafile images -
          common in Excel documents.
        * Fix bug in hyperlink import from Excel.

        * Improve qpro importer.
        * Fix 98664 for bonobo.
        * Fix sylk importer to do ISO-8859-1 -> UTF-8 conversion.
        * Fix dif importer to do ISO-8859-1 -> UTF-8 conversion.
        * Attempt a fix for psiconv importer to do ISO-8859-1 -> UTF-8
        * Make autofill UTF-8 safe and fix a bug with negative numbers.
        * Fix FV problem with rate==0.
        * Fix DAYS360 incompatibility (with XL).
        * Improve parsing infra-structure.
        * Fix unnecessary singularities for IPMT, PPMT, and NPER.
        * Make print-info use GnomePrintUnit instead of our own half-baked
        * Overhaul error value layers.
        * Fix loading and saving of error values in xml format.
        * Fix parser crash.  (101658.)
        * Fix oleo parser.

* Availability

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