Re: Generating spreadsheet from a script

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 05:40:59PM +0100, Josep Mon?s i Teixidor wrote:

How do can I register a menu entry to run a python function in my script?
In the development version with bonobo enabled there is a new plugin
interface that allows you to do that.  I have not tried it from
python, but it aught to do the trick.
I've read that the python plugin interface might not be stable and it's 
not encouraged to use it to long-term things. In my case this is not a 
problem because I need it for data manipulation once... I won't need it 
in the function... but is this still true? Is it going to change? Will 
perl substitute python or will both be mantained?

Both will definitely be maintained.  The goal is to provide a solid
api.  The choice of language is secondary.  The python api was a
proof of concept, as was the initial CORBA bindings long ago.  I'm
hoping that with John's experience developing an api for perl's
excel::write module we can develop a solid api that can then get
bindings in python, CORBA, and anything people want.

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