Re: gnumeric cell content is one-of-given-set?

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 08:22:14PM +0100, joerg beyer email de wrote:
I dont care for the import stuff from e*cel, but I would like to
take a look at the gnumeric handling of this. Could you tell
me, where in the source code I could start looking?

I'll break the problem into 3 distinct components

1) Finishing the 'validate from list' method in
    search for
    #warning TODO
                return VALIDATION_STATUS_VALID;

    This would be pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    The code for this would be a trivial subset of the autofilter code.

2) Generalizing the in cell combo implementation from the
   autofilters for use here.  This is more gtk code than gnumeric
   It would be fairly simple to do.

3) displaying and removing an in cell combo object as the edit
    position changes or its format changes.  I suspect that this is
    easy and can be based on the hooks in place for displaying the
    font status (bold/italic/underline).

There is a 4th issue that I would probably have to deal with which
is supporting SheetView specific SheetObjects.  That is necessary so
that a combo does not appear in a cell a different view when the
first sets the editpos.

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