Re: Generating spreadsheet from a script

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 11:29:54AM +0100, Amaya Rodrigo Sastre wrote:
I have then been asked to do it for different clients, and here is where
my heartache ;-) begins... Instead of having a different template for
each client (a real pain), I want to dynamically generate the
spreadsheet, using something like Perl or Python would be great.
There are 2 potential approaches to doing that.  Neither is a
stupdenous amount of work.

1) We could use a copy of the interface for the write-excel module
   which instead of writing excel used some xml utilities to generate
   gnumeric files.

2) Another alternative would be to use the core of gnumeric directly
   via a libgnumeric and some sort of scripting interface (again via
   something like the perl module's interface)

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