severe problems with fonts under russian locale with gnumeric-0.71


 Gnumeric 0.71 contained attempt to improve font loading for multibyte locales
(it was stated in release notes).
 Unfortunately at least with version 0.71 there are severe problems using
gnumeric under russian locale - with any font of any style and size, the font
gnumeric uses for displaying russian is iso8859-1 encoding. It was tested with
gnome-print-0.31 already containing my recent fix to gnome-rfont.c (that
turned all gdk_font_load to gdk_fontset_load) - with that fix it would be
impossible to get font not suitable for displaying all locale's characters.

 This new behaviour makes gnumeric non-usable under single-byte non-latin1

 It would be nice if it was fixed


 Best regards,

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