Re: severe problems with fonts under russian locale with gnumeric-0.71

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 04:30:15PM +0400, Vlad Harchev wrote:

 Gnumeric 0.71 contained attempt to improve font loading for multibyte locales
(it was stated in release notes).
All that did was s/gdk_font_load/gdk_fontset_load/

 Unfortunately at least with version 0.71 there are severe problems using
gnumeric under russian locale - with any font of any style and size, the font
gnumeric uses for displaying russian is iso8859-1 encoding. It was tested with
gnome-print-0.31 already containing my recent fix to gnome-rfont.c (that
turned all gdk_font_load to gdk_fontset_load) - with that fix it would be
impossible to get font not suitable for displaying all locale's characters.

 This new behaviour makes gnumeric non-usable under single-byte non-latin1

 It would be nice if it was fixed
This is a gnome-print issue, versions > 0.29 are causing a spike in
gnumeric bug reports.  Unfortunately none of the mis-selected fonts
or crashes are replicatable for me.  Can you please have a look at
whats going on ?  Lauris has worked hard on the black magic in the
bowels of gnome-print that select x fonts.  This must be ironed out
before 1.0.


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