Re: Error in launching gnumeric

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 08:45:44AM +0200, Sylvain CHAMBON wrote:
Hey !

When I'm launching gnumeric (0.61) I have this message :

Gnumeric failed to find a suitable default font. Please verify your gnome-print
installation. Your fontmap file could not be found in the expected location.

A huge number of people have had similar problems.  Your best bet
will be to upgrade to a newer version of gnome-print.  I have not
yet tried 0.30, but 0.29 was a major improvement.  A good source of
type1 fonts (especially helvetica) is the ghostscript package.  It
tend to have a 'gs-fonts' sibling with lots ofuseful stuff.

Good luck,

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