Re: Problems with 0.75

On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 08:12:38PM +0100, Andreas Grabner wrote:
I have got 2 problems with 0.75 
 1. when i open a Workbook (emty or not) goto "Print" enter some
 not existing Printer like "lpr -Pfoo; gnumeric goes away without
 any message :-)
I can not replicate this, although there have been other reports of
the same problem.  Can you send me a backtrace ?
 2. The Solver- advanced solver does not work for me; after entert
 Ranges and press "OK" i get a Segmentation Fault 
Welcome to the BEVERAGES list.  What is your preference ?  We were
not handling situations where the input cells where blank.

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