RE: Gnumeric 0.65 & Excel

Thanks for your help Zbigniew, but I am still having a bit of trouble.
Please help

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On Fri, 2001-05-25 at 15:27:22, Rory D. Hudson wrote:

Ok I just downloaded the 0.65 version of gnumeric and I have a few
questions.  First, it states that I need to set a value for
GNUMERIC_ENABLE_XL_OVERWRITE.  What value do I set this to, and how do
do this?

You should set environment variable named GNUMERIC_ENABLE_XL_OVERWRITE
_any_ value. If you're using bash, just add put the following line
in your ~/.bash_profile:

Ok I  do not have a .bash_profile would I need to put this somewhere

The other question I have is regarding choosing Excel 95 as
the default file Save As type.
2)Change the FILE_FL_MANUAL for excel_save_95 in plugins/excel/boot.c

This worked great for version 0.61 but now I do not see a reference to
FILE_FL_MANUAL in boot.c for 0.65 any suggestions?  

Change "manual_remember" to "auto" in plugins/excel/plugin.xml instead.

Ok I tried changing the plugins/excel/plugin.xml file and I changed the
two instances of manual_remember to auto and then I recompiled, but
nothing seemed to happen...Any suggestions on how to correct?  Thanks

With CVS version of Gnumeric (post 0.65) you can also make Excel95 the
default file saver (and still be able to open/save Gnumeric XML files)
without touching Gnumeric sources or recompiling it. Just add
default_saver_priority="60" attribute to second <service> tag
excel95 file saver) in plugin.xml file placed inside


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