Re: Gnumeric 0.65 & Excel

On Sat, 2001-05-26 at 20:57:48, Rory D. Hudson wrote:

_any_ value. If you're using bash, just add put the following line
in your ~/.bash_profile:

Ok I  do not have a .bash_profile would I need to put this somewhere

Use ~/.profile instead or /etc/profile to affect all users.
I'm assuming here that you _are_ using bash (echo $SHELL should print
something like "/bin/bash").

Change "manual_remember" to "auto" in plugins/excel/plugin.xml instead.

Ok I tried changing the plugins/excel/plugin.xml file and I changed the
two instances of manual_remember to auto and then I recompiled, but
nothing seemed to happen...Any suggestions on how to correct?  Thanks

I've just found the source of the problem. Apply the attached patch to your
Gnumeric sources (it is already in CVS).

BTW, remember about "make install" after making changes in plugins/


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