Re: Gnumeric 0.65 & Excel

"Rory D. Hudson" wrote:

Thanks for your help Zbigniew, but I am still having a bit of trouble.
Please help

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On Fri, 2001-05-25 at 15:27:22, Rory D. Hudson wrote:

Ok I just downloaded the 0.65 version of gnumeric and I have a few
questions.  First, it states that I need to set a value for
GNUMERIC_ENABLE_XL_OVERWRITE.  What value do I set this to, and how do
do this?

You should set environment variable named GNUMERIC_ENABLE_XL_OVERWRITE
_any_ value. If you're using bash, just add put the following line
in your ~/.bash_profile:

Ok I  do not have a .bash_profile would I need to put this somewhere

Do you have a .bashrc file?   This would also do it.  Or if you are not
using bash then there should be a .<shell>rc  file.

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