Re: Gnumeric usability improvements

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 05:38:18PM +0100, Neil Booth wrote:
3) The keystrokes "End then Arrow Key"
Is this different from Ctrl-Arrow ?

No; I hadn't noticed that.  Since some users, like me <g>, use the End
idiom, could you add that as an alias?  Having the same keystrokes do
the same thing makes one feel more at home.
hmm, it will take some thinking.  That is a completely different
type of accelerator than anything else I've seen in GNOME.  I'm not
sure we want to kludge the support for this.

4) Ctrl+# formats a number as a textual date (there are various other
   quick formatting key combinations).
Neat.  If you can find a list of these we can add them.
I'll come up with a list of various key combinations; not just now
though (I don't run Windows at home so I can't test it).

There are 2 things at play here.
1) 0.65 treats the full range selection the same way XL does.
2) We are forced to use Meta-space rather than Shift-space due to
   internationalisation problems.
Hmm, I'm running 0.65 and if a select B5:C5 and press CTRL+SPACE I
only get column B selected.  I'm pretty sure Excel gives B and C.
2001-05-18  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com>

    * src/cmd-edit.c (cmd_select_cur_row) : Make behavior match XL.
    (cmd_select_cur_col) : ditto.

Oops.  It seems that patch went in after 0.65.  Sorry about the
confusion.  The patch will be in the next release.

Gnumeric supports array formulas.  I think 0.6[34] had a minor bug
that made them unusable from the keyboard, but they are there.
NOTE : we only support matrix mode, Gnumeric does not do implicit
iteration as yet.
Can you explain how?  I'm running 0.65.  I can't get anything
resembling an array formula.  Do you understand what I mean by this?
You are probably only thinking of the implicit iteration form.

A2 : 2
A3 : 3
B1 : 5
C1 : 7
Select B2:C3
This has been working for some time.

Hmm, I just had an unpleasant thought.  Only of the recent releases
0.64 or 0.65 shipped with a bug that disabled Ctrl-Enter to fill.
That may have effected this too.  I hope it was 0.64 not 0.65.  If
not, we're about due for a new release.  Once one or two more small
patches go in we'll freeze and prep for release.  0.66 will
definitely be out some time this month.


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