Re: Gnumeric usability improvements

Jody Goldberg wrote:-

3) The keystrokes "End then Arrow Key" to move to the end of a
   consecutive list of non-empty cells in the direction specified (or
   to skip all empty cells in that direction, as appropriate).
Is this different from Ctrl-Arrow ?

No; I hadn't noticed that.  Since some users, like me <g>, use the End
idiom, could you add that as an alias?  Having the same keystrokes do
the same thing makes one feel more at home.

4) Ctrl+# formats a number as a textual date (there are various other
   quick formatting key combinations).
Neat.  If you can find a list of these we can add them.

I'll come up with a list of various key combinations; not just now
though (I don't run Windows at home so I can't test it).

There are 2 things at play here.
1) 0.65 treats the full range selection the same way XL does.
2) We are forced to use Meta-space rather than Shift-space due to
   internationalisation problems.

Hmm, I'm running 0.65 and if a select B5:C5 and press CTRL+SPACE I
only get column B selected.  I'm pretty sure Excel gives B and C.

Gnumeric supports array formulas.  I think 0.6[34] had a minor bug
that made them unusable from the keyboard, but they are there.
NOTE : we only support matrix mode, Gnumeric does not do implicit
iteration as yet.

Can you explain how?  I'm running 0.65.  I can't get anything
resembling an array formula.  Do you understand what I mean by this?

This is quite useful.  Please file 1-4 & 7 as enhancement requests at

Will do.


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