Re: Gnumeric patch

Sorry about this.

I just downloaded the latest CVS and found that the patch I sent you had a bug in

Line 580 of fn-date.c has too many unprotected "'s in it.

Please change the line;
           "@EXAMPLES=  day("mm/dd/yy")=dd\n"
           "@EXAMPLES=  day(\"mm/dd/yy\")=dd\n"

Thank you.

Morten Welinder wrote:


your patch looks interesting, but Jody wanted to know a little
bit more before we apply.  Why the changes to WEEKDAY and EOMONTH?

(And please send me an updated patch.  I hit "d" at the wrong time...)



<jody> gmorten: Can you ask him to produce patches that can be applied and ask
why he removed the examples from EOMONTH ?
<jody> and WEEKDAY ?

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