Gnumeric documentation revision plans

Hey guys,
        I was looking through the Gnumeric documentation, helping Jody and
company clean it up for the 1.0 release.  I noticed that it is horribly
disorganized and in much need of a revision.  I propose that we overhaul
the documentation organization and clean up the content where needed. 
The following is an outline of the changes which I suggest we make
during this overhaul.

* Do some slight readjustment of where the <chapter> tag is located.  I
think that the chapter tags should be kept in the file which they're
responsible for, not the head item.  This helps to identify chapters
easier when searching.

* Renaming the SGML files to actually correspond to their chapter name. 
Currently, it is VERY hard to figure out what chapters go to what
filename just by looking.

* Fix the indenting styles.  I realize this is going to be the bane of our
argument.  This is how I do my documentation.

<sect1 id="stuff">
  <title>Stuff Section</title>
     I like bananas

I do two space indenting and ALMOST every tag gets its own line (a few
exceptions do exist though).

* Reorganize the chapters so that they group better.  At first glance (I
have yet to read the documentation much, I'll admit) they seem to be in
a weird order.  I suggest we have a section that talks about how to
interact with the interface.  The next section will talk about formula,
etc.  We can figure that out later though.

* Figure out which screenshots we want to keep and which to toss.

At this point, those are all the ideas that I have.  Clearly, this is up
for debate.  I helped co-author the Evolution documentation with Aaron
Weber, and have found it to be easy to navigate and maintain.

I also wanted to note that please make sure I am either in the To: or
Cc: lines of this thread, as I am not yet on the Gnumeric list.


Kevin Breit

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