gnumeric and VBA


I've just started dealing with gnumeric. I try to load
an MS-Excel file in gnumeric and get the following output
on the console:

Excel 95
ExternSheet: only BIFF8 supported so far...
FIXME: BIFF 7 ExternSheet 3D ref
VB Module.
VB Module.
VB Module.

** WARNING **: No VBA found

Does it mean gnumeric can not deal with the macros (yes,
there are some) in the MS-EXCEL file? I am sure gnumeric
is compiled with all possible plugins (gb, guile, python,
bonobo, evolution, gda). I am using gnumeric-0.99.1
and gb-0.0.17. Is there a way to use the VB-macros
in my EXCEL-file?

Best regards
-Stefan Palme-

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