Re: gnumeric and VBA

On Fri, Dec 28, 2001 at 09:38:23AM +0100, Stefan Palme wrote:

Does it mean gnumeric can not deal with the macros (yes,
there are some) in the MS-EXCEL file? I am sure gnumeric
is compiled with all possible plugins (gb, guile, python,
bonobo, evolution, gda). I am using gnumeric-0.99.1
and gb-0.0.17. Is there a way to use the VB-macros
in my EXCEL-file?

It can not.  There is experimental support for reading the macros,
and some currently stagnant work to support them via gb.  However,
none is ready for production release, or even general usage.  If you
can make it compile we'll take bug reports, but I would not count on
the code being complete enough to be useful.

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