About the search tool


in gnumeric 0.77-cvs, if I want to edit some similar cells 
and can't use search and replace, I clic on edit->search, 
type the text and get those cells.

If I want to edit some of them, I have to close the search window 
because the main window don't accept any input, edit the first, 
search again, close the new search window, edit the second, and so on.

Could be possible to edit cells without closing the search window?

More about the search tool:

If I am on any cell, go to another with the search tool, the entry
field don't change to match the new cell. If then I clic in the field, 
the contents of the cell changes to match the entry field.

Sample: type 'arggg' in A1 and 'qwery' in A2
Clic in A1 to select it, search 'qwery' and  close the search window:
you are on A2 and the entry field shows the content of A1
If you clic on the entry field, the contents of A2 changes.

Another thing (maybe for the wishlist):

Should be possible to search in the results?

Yours Pere

Pere Pujal Carabantes

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