Re: Problem compiling gnumeric-0.99.0

Oops!  Bad form I know.  Sorry.

Seems I was picking up some version 2 headers from another installation
of libxml.  Got rid of those and 0.99.0 compiles without a problem.

Again, sorry for the bother.

Ronald Odle wrote:

When I try to compile 0.99.0 from source, make breaks off with the

gui-clipboard.o:  In function 'x_selection_handler':
gui-clipboard.o (.text+0x53f): undefined reference to 'xmlFree'

with similar messages for plugin.o and sheet-object.o.

Running glibc-2.2.4 with gcc 2.95.3.  libxml is up to date (1.8.16) and
I get the same failure when compiling on Mandrake and Caldera based
installations.  Had no trouble compiling 0.75 and 0.76 on the same

Configure didn't register a hiccup.

Would be very grateful for any suggestions.

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