Re: 0.76 crashes when opening file

Jody Goldberg wrote:

$ gnumeric Eurosheet Bonobo-WARNING **: Syntax error in ''
Segmentation fault

I'm running gnumeric 0.76 using MDK Cooker rpm.

That rpm must have issues.  I can not replicate this.

On Mandrake 8.0 with 0.76 (and during the first while with 0.77 from cvs) I always received the warning

>>Bonobo-WARNING **: Syntax error in ''

when starting gnumeric, opening a file or creating a new workbook.
But this did not cause a segmentation fault. I suspect therefore that those two items are separate issues. The warning doesn't happen anymore for me, and the latter is indeed likely to have to do with the rpm.


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow

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