Re: Turning off filters.

"Jody" == Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com> writes:

    Jody> This is probably more luck than intention.  Gnumeric does
    Jody> not implement 'AutoFilters'.  However, it does support
    Jody> hidden rows and columns.  I'd bet that the autofilter
    Jody> support in MS excel (tm) (can't be too careful) is using the
    Jody> hidden row/col support to do the hiding.  When Gnumeric
    Jody> imports the workbook it dutifully hides the things that were
    Jody> hidden.  The easy way to get them back would be to select
    Jody> the entire sheet then 'unhide'.

Aha.  That makes sense!  Is it worth my while digging into source to
see if I can implement the "Data->Filter->"_Show All" item and add
"_Advanced Filter..." to do what Gnumeric's current Data->Filter menu
item does?  Or it this a five minute job for somebody who knows the
code already?

    Jody> Hope this helps Jody

It certainly does.  It also means my sheet ends up being 64k rows high
and IV columns wide :) Also, the hiding/unhiding seems to confuse the
vertical scrollbar horribly.  I can give instructions on how to see
this buggy behaviour if it's not obvious.

Another thing I discovered Excel does to unhide rows is that you can
drag down the row below it to reveal the hidden row above.  It seems
very sensitive to the exact drag point, but it seems one pixel lower
than you would do to heighten the visible row above.  Just something
that's not obvious, but some Excel users told me to try.

Wonderful application - I get help from our local Excel gurus on using


ADML Support, EUCS, The University of Edinburgh.

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