Re: Turning off filters.

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 05:30:07PM +0000, Kenneth MacDonald wrote:
Gnumeric: 0.57-helix2_i386.deb

I'm loading up Excel files which have "AutoFilters" on.  The effect is
that Gnumeric correctly shows only the rows which match the filter.
However, there is no GUI to turn off the filters (or select another
value to filter on).  This takes the form of drop down lists in the
first row's cells populated with the top few most common values in the

This is probably more luck than intention.  Gnumeric does not
implement 'AutoFilters'.  However, it does support hidden rows and
columns.  I'd bet that the autofilter support in MS excel (tm)
(can't be too careful) is using the hidden row/col support to do the
hiding.  When Gnumeric imports the workbook it dutifully hides the
things that were hidden.  The easy way to get them back would be to
select the entire sheet then 'unhide'.

Hope this helps

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