Gnumeric 0.57

Gnumeric 0.57 aka 'the barking crab' has been released.  This
version adds lots features, fixes at least one serious bug and
corrects several functions.  Alot of work was done to correctly
support internationalised values and characters.  It is strongly
recommended that people upgrade.

ATTENTION PACKAGERS : Gnumeric depends on the new module 'GAL'
                      (gnome application libraries)

* New features

        * Initial support for guppi graphs via Bonobo           (Jody)
        * Auto-format dialog.                                   (Almer)
        * Sheet copy                                            (Chema, Jody)
        * Full complement of paste special operations.          (M Bissiri)
        * Improve internationalisation of keyboard and formats  (Jody)
        * Implement DateDif.                                    (Weston)
        * Checkbox support with stubs for other widgets.        (Jody)
        * Improved RATE's and IRR's root searching.             (Morten)
        * Rewrote SUMPRODUCT                                    (Morten)
        * More number theory functions                          (Morten, Napoli)
        * Applix importer is usable                             (Jody)
        * Correctly handle strings used as numeric arguments    (Jody)
        * Improve the colour combo box.                         (M Levy)
        * Implementation of `Anova: Two-Factor With Replication'
          and `Histogram' data analysis tools mostly            (Jukka)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

        * Updated and improved documentation.                    (Thomas Canty)
        * Improve MS excel conformance of 'MATCH'                (JPR)
        * STF bug fixes and format recognition.                  (Almer)
        * Save cells in row/col sequence.                        (Hardy Falk)
        * Improve support for named expressions.                 (Jody)
        * Fix chitest.                                           (Weston)
        * Printing bug fixes                                     (JonKare, Jody)
        * Fix sheet functions                                    (Morten, Jody)
        * Formating bugs.                                        (Jody)
        * Handle sorting hidden rows/cols the same as MS excel   (JPR)
        * Resizing lots of rows/cols is smarter                  (Jody)
        * Fixes for RATE, SLD, SYD.
        * More correct expression relocation for ins/del row/col (Jody)
        * Xbase plugin should now work rather than core.         (Morten)

        Lots of bug fixed.

* Translations

        * Updated: da (Kenneth and Keld), de (Karl), en_GB (Robert), ko
          (Sung-Hyun Nam), no (Kjartan), ru (Valek), uk (Yuri), maybe more.
        * Update not new, but not mentioned the last time: pl (Zbigniew).
        * Updated: nl (Almer). Not all done yet.
        * Work to support translation of strings in xml files (Kenneth and Morten)

* Availability

NOTE : Please do not package or submit bug reports for
       gnumeric-bonobo.  Bonobo is under heavy development as is not
       expected to be stable.

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