Re: Problems with Gnumeric installation

Hello Jody.

I am not familiar with the 'TasteOfDT/public/freeware' site.
However, a quick glance at it suggests that all the packages on in a
rather out of date.  So it may not be the best place to start your
search.   You have two choices.

1) find a site with more coherent set of packages for irix.

Where do I get it? I searched, but I didn't find it.
Note that I made a mistake in my previous email, it's IRIX 6.3 instead of
IRIX 5.3.

2) Build from source

Doing this is a big problem because I am a newbie in this kind of questions.
Could you explain me how accomplish this task?

Thanks for your help.
With my best Regards.


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