Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] pc to phone with Ekiga

upgrades to pwlib are probably harmless.  Those messages from dpkg are
telling you to uninstall libpt-1.8.3c2 before installing libpt-1.10.0

As usual, debian divides things into more packages than necessary, and
you have to look inside the packages to see their dependencies.   So,
if you are not comfortable removing and installing packages in the
right order with dpkg, then by all means wait until it is all in an
APT repository you can use from synaptic or aptitude.

Question for packagers:
Uninstalling the distro libpt seems strange to me.

I don't know ubuntu but I think it is normal to build third-party debs
or rpms for /usr/local/bin - so they don't conflict with the
dependencies in the dpkg/rpm database.

Are the ubuntu packages for /usr/ or /usr/local/  ?

Best, David

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