Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] pc to phone with Ekiga

Le jeudi 16 mars 2006 à 04:20 -0800, damu a écrit :
> "> >Following advices given on the ubuntu forum, I ran the wizard again, not
> > > accepting the free ekiga account. "
> This advice given in Ubuntu forum was to select the option of not using an
> ekiga account in the wizard. This was supposed to solve the issue of not
> being able to register with other Sip providers than Ekiga...didn't work for
> me...

That suggestion doesn't really make sense. Ekiga can register as many
accounts as you want at the same time.

> Soo, I just restarted Ekiga, did the wizard again, put my details for my
> ekiga sip account, and now, both the ekiga and the sipdiscount are
> registered!...I don't get it , but hey!
> I didn't manage to do  what you wanted me to do on a terminal window (did
> few stuff with terminal, but I am far from being expert!). 
> I tried these :
> ekiga
> ekiga -d
> ekiga -d 4
> ekiga -d 4 > output.txt 2>&1
> with each time the answer : command not found
> However the fact that the accounts are now registered probably solve that
> issue.

command not found?
You are not running Ekiga 2.0.1 but some kind of snapshot?

I hope you have removed the outbound proxy settings.

> I still can't make any phone call though.
> The syntax for the phone call is something like :
> "sip:0033297330878 sip1 sipdiscount com"
> and the result is "abnormal call termination"...
> Do you think it would make a difference if I registered in sipdiscount
> instead of trying first with their "free trial" account? 
> I am not sure of it, as they offer a softphone (Voipbuster ; only available
> for Win)
> I've been testing their services with Voipbuster both with this free trial
> account and with credits - it worked fine.  (that was when I was stil using
> XP on adaily basis, few weeks ago...) 
> Why would it be different with another Ekiga? Why would it have more chance
> to work if I buy some credits from Sipdiscount, than if I use their free
> trial? The only difference is that free phonecalls are limited to one
> minute...

I don't know and without debug 4 output, I can unfortunately not help.
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